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  • 14k White Gold Antique Filigree Pendant w/ Single Cut Diamond and Emerald Cut Emerald Accents Pendant – E545

  • 14k White Gold Antique Style Cocktail Ring w/ Elongated Marquis Shape and 42 RBC & Single Cut Diamonds – E629

  • 14k White Gold Bypass Style Ring w/ 3 Box Head Center RBC Diamonds and 10 Single Cut Accents – E567

  • 14k White Gold Circle Snowflake Cluster of Diamonds with RBC Diamond center, Marked “Exquisite” – C426

  • 14k White Gold Diamond Cluster Ring in Marquise Shape with 30 Single Cut and 3 RBC Diamonds – B789

  • 14k White Gold Open Work Eternity Vintage Wedding Band, w/ Single Cut Melee Diamonds Alternating in Marquise & Floral Encasements – E99

  • 14k Yellow Gold Antique Navette Shaped Ring w/ Turquoise Center and 18 Single Cut Diamond Accents – E632

  • 14k Yellow Gold Flower Pod Brooch w/ White Gold Accents Fanned Around Each, and Single Cut Melee Diamond & Round Sapphire Accents – Z1032

  • 18k Yellow Gold White Base Opal Pendant w/ 4 Single Cut Diamonds – E525