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  • 14k White Gold Round Turquoise Ring w/ a Checkerboard Base, Topped w/ Rock Crystal and Bordered w/ Melee Diam – E538

  • 14k Yellow Gold and White Gold Shank Checkerboard Top Lemon Quartz Ring w/ Braided Border and Diamond Shoulders Ring – E539

  • 14k Yellow Gold Checkerboard Rose Quartz w/ Rhodalite Garnet and Diamond Accents Flower Ring – E270

  • 14k Yellow Gold Cushion Cut Checkerboard Pink Topaz Pendant w/ a Melee Diamond Accent – E504

  • 18k Omega Yellow Gold Hoop Back Pressure Diamond Accent Earrings – E265

  • 18k White Gold Checkerboard Cut Golden Yellow Tourmaline w/ 20 Diamonds – A644

  • 18K Yellow Gold Oval Checkerboard Pink Tourmaline Ring w/ Diamond accented Feather Swirl – D824

  • 18k White Gold Checkerboard Garnet Bezel Set