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  • 14k Rose Gold Cluster Abstract Earrings w/ Green Blue Tourmaline, Golden Brown Tourmaline, and Grayish Pink Tourmaline – E435

  • 14k Rose Gold GIA Certified Diamond Ring w/ 8 RBC Diamonds Beside Center Stone – D517

  • 14k Rose Gold Open Drop Dangle, Amethyst, Garnet, Smoky Quartz, and Diamond Accent Pendant – E348

  • 14k Rose Gold Ornate Ring w/ 16 Melee Diamonds, a Large Rectangular Amethyst, & 60 Yellow Brown Irradiated Melee Diamonds – E427

  • 14k Rose Gold Oval Pale Pink Adularescent Quartz Swirl in Floral Style Beaded Perimeter w/ White Melee Sapphires – E342

  • 14k Rose Gold Oval Pink Tourmaline w/ Diamond Halo Illusion Set Milgrain Edging and Reversible Diamond Star Open Pattern – E600

  • 14k Rose Gold RBC diamond 6 prong Solitaire – E108

  • 14k Rose Gold Slide Pendant, Pinkish Purple Garnets w/ Openwork Floral Design and Diamond Cluster Accent – E349

  • 14k White Gold Abstract Bypass Ring w/ 16 Square Invisibly Set Yellow Sapphires & 22 Melee Diamonds in Shoulders – E432